"I am compassionate and understanding of the struggles of working families and those most vulnerable among us.  This is why I am seeking office.  Utilizing a pragmatic approach, I will fight for our senior citizens, our working families and our veterans ensuring the “human element” in the equation is not lost in the process of balancing the budget.  I intend to work with my fellow lawmakers by reaching across the aisle rather than create a more divisive atmosphere."


I believe that every child should have the access to an excellent public education, I support continued investment in and funding for our local schools.  


I believe in finding ways to make a college or trade school education available to everyone who wants one without crippling debt.  


I will work across the aisle to pass a budget with bipartisan cooperation.  With the current gridlock in Springfield, our most vulnerable communities have been suffering. We must find a way to fund education, invest in our communities, support our veterans and seniors, and promote a strong Illinois economy. I do not believe that supporting our communities is a partisan issue.


Every American has the right to affordable healthcare.  No family should live with the fear that a medical emergency could ruin them financially. We need to help those with mental health issues get the help and support they need and improve access to resources for addiction rehabilitation and prevention. 


As a representative, I will work to represent the people of the 42nd District. I want my campaign to focus on issues you care about. If you have an issue you would like to see addressed, please contact me at